Audrey weds Samuel

Our first wedding outside of Montreal this season, and what a lovely ceremony it was! Here are some sneak peaks from the wedding. More to come soon!

Faegheh weds George

We had the privilege of capturing the wedding moments of Faegheh and George this past week. A lovely ceremony, great people, beautiful couple. Here are the first looks - and the full story is coming soon!

This is our favorite shot - where the train of Faegheh's bridal dress showed her true nature (cheeky, I know) as a beautiful swan.


It was a real pleasure to capture these images since George and Faegheh melted in each other - truly made for each other.

The contrast of George's suit against Faegheh's dress, and the leaves in the backdrop - all leaves a magical touch to this frame.

More to come soon.

Sunset Specials - 001

Sunset in Parc Lafontaine, Montreal, QC, Canada

Sunset Pixels is here!

We are a group of photo/video-graphers who have been working around Montreal, at events and functions close to you, without being noticed till now.

With the launch of our business and brand Sunset Pixels, we are announcing our presence to you. Because, at the end of the day (sunset), you matter to us.

As we move ahead, we will be sharing some pictures and videos from our latest shoots, for your viewing pleasure. We formed this as a blog-cum-portfolio platform so that we can have greater interactions.

If you are a client, you will soon have access to your online gallery here as well - private, or to share with your friends and family.